Some words from past patients:

Miss R.C, London

"Joanne is a wonderful lady and very talented homeopath. I discovered her by chance and am so grateful I did. She has helped me overcome various physical and spiritual health problems, with a combination of homeopathy and great listening skills. She’s like a counsellor and homeopath rolled into one – a kind, gentle and remarkable person. I thoroughly recommend her!"

Mrs A.J, Finchley

“I had a long standing sinus infection which I had been seeing doctors for for months and they had been unable to get rid of it. I went to see Joanne in desperation and after 3 days the infection was gone! Not only this she came and dropped more remedies to my house. She is a genuinely caring and lovely person who goes out of her way to help people. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Mrs A.L, Enfield

“Jo is an amazing practitioner, not only is she excellent at her work and able to find a solution to a range of illnesses/conditions, but she is also compassionate, kind, thoughtful and very in tune with her patients which enables her to understand them and their condition very well. She is currently treating my son and has the ability the understand him as a person and therefore prescribe a treatment that helps him. She offers great value for money and will always try and fit in around that person in order to meet their needs effectively. She is, quite simply, incredible at her job and I can’t recommend her highly enough (in fact, I have successfully recommended several people to Jo). You couldn’t be in better hands!”

Mr S.M, Leicester

“I have known Joanne as a homoeopath for well over 3 years. We had started with treatments for my hay fever but very soon, after the initial results, I felt confident about returning to her to treat other health issues. She has been helpful even when nothing was wrong – keeping my immune system and energy at healthy levels. As a homoeopath, on one hand she is methodical and scientific in her approach, while as a person and a healer, very warm, intuitive and emotionally accommodating. I have never felt in need of a different view on the issues I have had treated with Joanne, and would not hesitate in recommending her as an excellent homoeopath.”

Mrs S.N, Winchmore Hill

“After suffering from debilitating and painful periods for many years which were not helped by the strongest pain medication, I came to Joanne in desperation as I was unable to work for two days a month. I saw her once a month for 3 months; after the first consultation the pains were reduced and after the third treatment I have now suffered no pain at all during my periods 10 months later. I am so grateful to homeopathy and to Joanne as I am finally able to enjoy life again.”

Mr E.H, London

“I have had asthma for 20 years and was on increasingly higher doses of medication. When I began to have more and more bad asthma attacks in spite of the medication I was on I decided to get help. Since having homeopathic treatment with Joanne I have had no asthma attacks, have drastically reduced my medication and have also regained my sense of smell. Homeopathy has now become a way of life for me and my family and I now take my children for homeopathic treatment with her whenever they are unwell. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Mr E.J, London

"After suffering for many years from disturbed sleep I have at last managed to find some relief with the help of Joanne Preston and homeopathy. I have found Joanne has a good understanding of my overall needs and over time it has has been beneficial to not only my sleep pattern but also my general well being. Thank you Joanne!"

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